Sensis API Hackathon

Sensis API Hackathon

Nov 24

After weeks and weeks of preparation – the Sensis API hackathon last weekend was a great success!

I was speaking with Richie from Taboo and Sean from Cocoaheads about how it would be awesome to tap into Melbourne thriving mobile development scene – and with the help of Sensis, the hackathon was the perfect outlet to let developers battle it out in a much heated platform battle!

Overall, we produced some great apps by the end of the weekend, Sensis has written up about each app and their team here

Since I was judging the end results, I couldnt compete which was a bummer – instead I thought i’d hack together a quick live blog and try to keep it updated during the day.
Just turns out I’ve been out of blogging for so long, I was struggling to think of anything interesting to write. Here is the archive of the live blog – this won’t be up live for much longer, probably another month or two

Finally just a thank you for everyone that got involved – as the organiser of the Android Australia User Group, its great to see so many Android devs come out to spend a weekend in the basement grinding some code :)

World peace and other 4th grade achievements

World peace and other 4th grade achievements

Jul 20

This video was shown at TEDxMelbourne tonight – amazing talk – this must be one of the greatest TED talks I’ve seen.

29 ways to stay creative

29 ways to stay creative

Jul 10
  1. Make Lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Try free writing
  4. Get away from the computer
  5. Quit beating yourself up
  6. Take breaks
  7. Sing in the shower
  8. Drink coffee
  9. Listen to new music
  10. Be open
  11. Surround yourself with creative people
  12. Get feedback
  13. Collaborate
  14. Don’t give up
  15. Practice, practice, practice
  16. Allow yourself to make mistakes
  17. Go somewhere new
  18. Count your blessings
  19. Get lots of rest
  20. Take risks
  21. Break the rules
  22. Don’t force it
  23. Read a page of the dictionary
  24. Create a framework
  25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect
  26. Got an idea? Write it down
  27. Clean your workspace
  28. Have fun
  29. Finish something
Advanced Topics for Android Devs

Advanced Topics for Android Devs

May 12

Great video from Google I/O 2011 highlighting advance tips and tricks all Android developers should be considering when developing great applications.

It’s all about making your applications fresh, psychic, adaptive and smooth.

Can’t wait to try some of these tips in my next app :)

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